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Smart Wireless Monitoring and Control System


In this digital era, everything is getting smarter. We have the technologies to make your current facility smarter at a fraction of the cost, by using the state of art low powered mesh system. Our system is able to monitor as well as control equipment in the facility without any additional infrastructure work. (No wiring is required, setup within minutes for our portable sensors based nodes, and 100% secure network!) Peace of mind for all stakeholders. We focus on digital facility management, providing critical emergency information such as Environmental, Fire and Safety conditions. Our system is also capable of scheduling automatic tests for critical equipment such as Emergency and Exit light, thus reducing labour cost and repetitive work in the facility and provide data for analysis. Together with our customers and partners around the world, we create a smart future in their facilities by applying our technologies and our experience in wireless monitoring and control system, to make the working space safe, secure and efficient. Most importantly you feel comfortable to work in this digital environment and can be more productive.

Features and Benefits:

– Secured network up to 10,000 nodes in one system

– Reliable monitoring and control system

– Battery operated

– Wireless mesh network (max range: indoor 30m, outdoor 150m)

– Infrastructure-independent

– Plug and play system

– Non-intrusive design to maintain compliance and easy retrofit for

existing equipment

– Offsite monitoring and control feature


– FCC approval

– IMDA approval


– ACMA Radio communication (Low Interference Potential Devices)

– Compliant ? mesh enabled (2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4)


– Fire Extinguishers Monitoring

– Emergency And Exit Light Automatic Testing

– Temperature And Humidity Control

– Electrical Equipment Control

– Valves Status Monitoring

– Wireless Carpark Control

– Out Of Bound Space Monitoring

– Street Lights Monitoring

– Cold Room Monitoring

– HVAC Air Quality Monitoring

– Room Lighting Control

– Remote Site Pump Testing And Control

– Many More…